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this is mostly for warriors based rp groups but hopefully some plot ideas will be general enough to use for other things. 

is anyone else tired of trying to come up with plots? do you hate to try and fish around in your brain for one that is original? well no more! with the comments you leave i will compile a list of general plot ideas that can be used by anyone : D the list will consist of different types of relationships. if you have an idea for one of the categories simply comment and i will add them to the list.


-You decide to sneak out of camp without an escort. What happens to you?

-You are having your first solo hunting session. What happens? What do you catch?

-You are sitting for your Warrior's Vigil and you are tempted to speak. What do you do?

-You must choose to side with one of your clanmates over a debate. What's the debate about? Why do you choose a certain side?

Medicine Cat
-You are confronted with a strange illness. How do you go about treating it?

-You had a dream last night about your past and it has brought up old memories. You want to tell someone about it and seek out a clanmate.


-You are walking in your territory by yourself and are attacked by someone. You are about to retaliate only to discover that your attacker is a clanmate who only wishes to play.

Mentor and Apprentice
-You go on a walk with your mentor/apprentice and they divulge some of their thoughts and parts of their history. How do you respond? Do their thoughts and past actions turn you off to them as a mentor/apprentice?

:new:-Your mentor is trying to teach you a battle move that you know isn't going by the warrior code. How do you respond to this?

:new:-Your apprentice has suddenly gone missing! You know where they've gone and why but they've asked you to keep it a secret, but do you tell the rest of the Clan to appease their worries or hold your tongue?

-You suddenly realize that you have feelings for another clanmate, but you aren't altogether sure about them. You decide to casually ask them out for a walk in the territory to get to know them better. How does it go? are your feelings unfounded? Do they feel the same?

-You have decided to ask your longtime best friend to be your mate. At first you were just friends, but now you feel stronger. You finally gain enough courage to pop the question. How does your friend react? Do they feel the same or do they want to remain friends?


Verbal Argument
Someone insults your friend. How do you respond?

Physical Argument
You were already in a bad mood and the smallest thing has set you off. You explode on someone else and attack them in an unjustified way. Do you realize your hotheadedness and apologize or do you decide to not admit you were wrong?

Scars and other injuries
You've had spats with this cat before, but this fight is particularly vicious. You gain a fairly serious injury from the fight. How does it happen, where is it placed?

Lover's Spat
You thought you knew everything about your mate, but they have divulged something that makes you question your relationship. How do you deal with it? Do you confront them or decide to pretend it doesn't bother you? Will you stay together?

... those are all the categories i can think of right now, and i also made some examples of my own. Remember, just because the plots have to be general does not mean they cannot be interesting. if you have any other category suggestions and plot ideas please comment! :D these will be free to everyone so make them general!
if you use one of these plots and then submit your rp to dA, feel free to leave a link back to this journal so that it will be available to even more people c:

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gagalog Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
is it okay if I  can I copy  all my needed characters *DON'T WORRY, I'LL GIVE CREDIT* (" BY LITHESTEP DEVIANTART") so I can make a warriors video on youtube
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