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Smoky by Lithestep Smoky by Lithestep
requested by :iconhawktalon15:for those of u who don't remember, Smoky was mate to Daisy when the clans came to the lake, and is father of Berry, Mouse, and Hazel^^

warriors: erin hunter
art: me
EmmalineMagentaMay Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A chapter from Bramblestar's Storm involving Smoky....

(Bramblestar and Daisy visiting the barn)
Smoky approaches
Smoky: It's great to see you! (looks at Bramblestar) I've met you before, haven't I? Back when you were a young cat, I think.
Daisy: He's Clan leader now!
Smoky: Really? (unimpressed)
Daisy: Where's Floss? I can't wait to see her again.
Smoky: (bows head and voice turns somber) Floss is dead.
Daisy: No! How did it happen?
Smoky: She caught greencough. The twolegs tried to treat her, but it was no use.
Daisy: (too upset to speak for a few heartbeats)
Smoky: If you like, I'll show you where she's buried.
Daisy: (nods and follows along with Bramblestar)
Smoky: Pip's buried here , too. You remember the dog? He was an annoying little flea-pelt, but now that he's gone, I kinda miss him.
Daisy: (shocked) So much has happened! And I'm only a moment's travel away. How could I not have known?
Smoky: (shrugs) I know I'm not welcome in the woods or on the moor. Besides, Daisy, you made the choice to leave us. We have to respect that.
Daisy: (seems to be regretting decision) (A young tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat pads up) You're new here. (edged voice) Who are you? (fur is fluffy up)
Smoky: This is Coriander. (brushes pelts with the she-cat) She replaced Floss. She's a great mouser!
Daisy: (upset) Replaced Floss? How can any cat replace Floss? (calms slightly) Greetings.
Coriander: (doesn't return gesture) You must be some of those weird cats from the woods. What are you doing here?
Daisy: (gritted teeth) Just visiting. Was that you watching us go to the island last night?
Smoky: Yes, Coriander wanted to see these famous cats, and I know that you all go to the island on the night of the full moon, so we lay in wait.
Daisy: You should have come to talk to us.
Smoky: Well... we didn't want to interrupt anything.
Daisy: Okay. I guess it's time we left.
Smoky: Don't you want to see inside the barn? You can hunt if you want.
Daisy: (seems unenthusiastic but follows) It's all changed. You used to have your nest over here.
Smoky: I know. But Coriander says it's less drafty over there.
Coriander: Yes. It's so comfortable!
Daisy: (claws slide out)
Bramblestar: (gives Daisy a hasty nudge) We really should be getting back.
Daisy: Yes, there's loads to do back in the camp.
Smoky: Good-bye, then. (cheerful and doesn't invite Daisy to return)
Coriander: Do be careful on your way home. (gleaming eyes) The horses can be quite scary if you're not used to them.
Daisy: (snaps) I'm fine with horses, thanks.

Flare-Scaple Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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